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2016 - 2017

Wednesday, October 10, 2012



We are the Master’s deep sea divers.
We are given a life line,
Short or long, depending.

“Look for pens!, they say,
…Look for pens!”
So deep have I gone,
Into the black depths
Of my sea.
That I have lost my way

 Suddenly, I feel  the Master
Tugging hard on my line, saying
“Those things are not for you, enough!
Come up, come up!”

Unable to resist, I am pulled up,
A failure and a fool! Not even
A crummy pen to show
For all my troubles!

“ I failed, o’ Master.” .

PS Another valuable point,well deserved for the Mighty Potters!!
Suarez is for sure a class player, but
as Mark Lawrenson observed
his acting is

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