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2016 - 2017

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prem Routemap!

...no doubt with Sky and Setanta diversions (hopefully with plenty of them away!) for good measure.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pattern Familiar?

We may be in the Prem,but there are parallels with this time last year in the Championship.

Stoke's relatively successful 2006-2007 team was broken up, but there was no panic rush to acquire new players,and probably waste money in the process.We all know what happened next...an even better team emerged by stages (and within budget!!) through canny signings....and the promised land was duly reached,promotion to the Premiership, amidst much euphoria and wildly enjoyable celebration.

This time last year we were regarded as relegation fodder.Same again now from many commentators.So be it.Last year season ticket sales rose...this year they have rocketed to in excess of a magnificent 17,000.

Again Mr.Pulis is on holiday...well deserved in my opinion....but in his absence(although I'm sure the phone lines are buzzing between them)Messrs Scholes and Rudge are keeping things moving along,once again playing their cards close to their chest,especially with regard to players actually attracting our attention (rather than the media suggested shopping list,packed as it is with other people's wage expensive castoffs,has beens,failures).

I have no doubt there will be interesting developments ahead and in good time,as indeed there were last year.

So we start out at Bolton....August 16th....can't wait.