Thursday, July 26, 2018

2018 -2019. A New Challenge....which we could have done without!

Remember the  intro to season 2017- 2018?


"Last season fell a little way short of what we achieved under Mark Hughes management in the previous three seasons.Not by much, but there was a degree of doom and gloom.Many suggested that the legacy of solidity that he inherited from the Tony Pulis years was disappearing, and that we were about to enter uncharted waters."

Uncharted waters they were indeed.The decline, as the heart and character of the Pulis team departed,was inexorable. Hughes did not seem to have too many answers. His inevitable departure was too late leaving successor Lambert too little time to salvage the sinking ship,holed as it was  by dressing room malcontents (taking the money...and the mickey), lack of fitness, et alia. The drop into the Championship is now, as they say, history.

So our new manager Gary Rowett has a new get us back into the Premiership.

Good luck to the team,the management,and the fans. Fingers  very much crossed !!