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Sunday, September 16, 2012



..........but Roberto you are getting confused.What we all saw yesterday was a'dink' not a 'dunk before the ball hit the net in the 15th minute.Dinks are much more subtle than dunks,certainly we didn't see Crouchie hanging from the goal frame in celebration after he had netted.So it can't have been basketball,it must have been soccer!

This was in the end a fair result between a busy Stoke side,who showed not a little skill and creativity,and an expensively assembled Manchester outfit,some of whom,again,did not really fancy the challenge on a beautiful afternoon at the Brit.

Crouch's goal was built upon a wonderful / hopeful elevated reverse flick by the ever willing Jon Walters.The ball reached Crouchie in a crowded goal mouth.There was a hint of handball,but in two or three touches he had the ball beyond Hart into the net.The suggestion of handball paralysed the Man City defence,all appealing rather than playing to the whistle.Ref Clattenburg....he saw nothing amiss!Always said he was a good 'un really.

The visitors equaliser came from a freekick on the left,Javi Garcia heading home unchallenged from close in.
The second half was notable for three splendid moments.Asmir Begovic was involved in all three.First he saved brilliantly from Yaya Toure,coming out fast with the midfielder looking odds on to score,he deflected the ball magnificently over the bar to safety.

Second from a corner Garcia had another free header from close in.It looked for all the world a goal,but Bego got down,pawed the ball onto the goalpost,and collected the rebound.

On the third occasion it looked as though he might undo all his good work.With sub Djecko heading toward our goal in the last minute of added on time he came out to fast and too far.The striker's gentle lob over the keeper headed toward our open goal.Enter Ryan Shawcross.Our Captain read the situation intelligently,and was already on his way toward goal.It looked as though his pursuit would be in vain,until on the line and at speed,he launched himself,reaching out a long leg to clear at full stretch with the outside of his left foot.Class pure and simple.....Are you watching Woy??

A deserved point then,from a richly entertaining game.Kightly and Adam both looked sound.Of the recent acquisitions though,today,N'Zonzi was the pick,rightly being awarded MOM.Looks a real steal...

Oh and Michael Owen got a 4 minute outing..... 

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