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Sunday, February 05, 2012



You have to wonder whether or not this game should have been played.The appalling sub zero temperatures and continuous snowfall did not make for an edifying spectacle.Same for both sides you might say,but not with deeply unimpressive officials like Ref Atkinson about.Commonsense...he uses none,thinking time he gives himself ....none.Both factors would go a long way to explaining why he is by far,over the last two years,the red card leader with 24 sendings off.

Just on halftime he dispatched Robert Huth for an early bath.He couldn't get his red card out fast fast enough,in fact so eager was he to respond to the Sunderland players card waving antics (Bardsley giving the lead on this one),that his hand and the card got stuck half way out of his pocket.

Now I'm not sure who is priming these idiots, but not much thought went into this decision.For a start Atkinson's view was partially blocked by a Sunderland player.Huth looked as though he was heading into a challenge for the ball with Meyler, single footed,and when he realised he was not going to get to the ball,slid through,foot and studs down.No contact was made with the opposing player.Meyler,though, seeing the possible challenge,went into an award winning elaborate cartwheel,followed on landing, with a prolonged period of writhing on the ground as if pollaxed.As shameful a piece of cynical conning as I have seen in a long while,and our ref fell for it hook,line,and sinker.

We only had to wait 15 minutes into the second period for the gap in our defences (plus the dreadful underfoot conditions,which made changing direction at short notice,all but impossible)to yield Sunderland the opportunity to score.McClean left Wilko behind, coming in from the left, dodged the onrushing Shawcross,slipping the ball under Sorensen's dive into the corner of our net.Another case of game over thereafter,I'm afraid.

Not the end for suffering Stokies though,as they faced a nightmarish journey home through the frozen wastes,and seized up traffic.

Update: Quite rightly Pulis is upset....he even went as far sending MOTD a still photo of the alleged Huth offence.The pundits unanimously agreed,the red card was wrong, yellow at worst in their opinion.


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