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Sunday, February 28, 2010


We have all grown to like Fabio Capello for the no nonsense  COMMOMSENSE approach which he has brought to the management of our national football team. He clearly knows what is right and what is wrong, and he doesn't suffer highly paid fools gladly.

His uncomplicated approach has brought with it success.

I warmed to the man further yesterday, for what seems to me to be a display of common humanity and understanding. His contribution to preserving Ryan Shawcross' peace of mind and continuing future in the game cannot be underestimated in my opinion.

Within an hour of the game finishing he announced - later than expected,having taken time to consider the position carefully with his aides - his England squad, including Ryan Shawcross.

There is no doubt in my mind that he recognised genuine remorse,and, unlike the excitable idiots, Wenger included,he accepts that football is a full blooded  mans (or for that matter women's) game where sometimes major injuries will occur.

I have watched Ryan Shortcross's  attempt to win the ball from Aaron Ramsey several times. I believe it to be genuine and honest, as I did at the ground.

I have heard the description of the tangle from Arsenal's manager,and to be honest I did not,and still do not accept the implied/inferred malicious intent.Early LAZY journalistic comment simply mirrored his comments.

We should be so relieved for young Ryan, because I believe that Fabio's simple announcement, timed as it was, influenced and brought forward more considered, balanced comment from, for example, the 'MOTD' heavyweights, and some if not all the online MSM.

Messrs Shearer Hansen and Lineker, to their great credit, were in general agreement that the challenge was fair,coming as it did from the side, and with replays showing that Ramsey moved the ball too quickly for our centreback, resulting in a clumsy rather than nasty challenge from the Stoke man.They were satisfied there was no malicious intent.

Shawcross did not argue with anyone,he was simply too upset.Standing tall but tearful Shawcross trudged off.

Like the rest of us he clearly will wish Ramsey well, as will Capello, in my view a man of courage, principle and stature.

Fabio Capello has my full respect.

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