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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dave Kitson

Am I one of the few(or the many maybe?) who just can't believe the attitude some Stokies are showing to Kitson.A few weeks back a punter on Radio Stoke's Praise and Grumble was suggesting that we'ed found our-as he called it-'scapegoat'.At the time I couldn't get my head around that notion....from a Stokie!Why would he/we need a scapegoat for goodness sake?

A good few people have been making a lot Kitson's -as they see it - lack of effort,moving their argument on to the notion that he brings nothing to the team,and that therefore he is a waste of money.Others suggest he shows poor attitude when he is subbed.Others are hearing him booed for his trouble,but most fair minded people are hearing nothing of the sort.

Dave Kitson at £5.5million is an expensive (and given his record) valuable asset for The Potters.It is in our interests to get behind the man,not undermine his confidence further,if he is to deliver the goals we know he can score at Premiership level:certainly the goals that we need to survive.

I get the impression that Kitson himself is feeling frustrated,but it would only take a goal to turn things round.But let's go back to the facts.

Yes hasn't scored yet,but the service from wide positions he might have been expecting, when he was signed, never materialised despite the club's best efforts to bring players in who could have provided that service.Tom Soares,on Sunday's evidence,could prove to be one player capable of unlocking Kitson's talent. Another,Mama Sidibe,a revelation this season (was he a scapegoat once?),has made some superbly dangerous crosses in from the wing,the best of which Kitson missed only by inches as he slid in (with Rory adding the scoring touch for our second against Spurs).

Position wise he is only 8 games in to adjusting to TP's style of play.Personally I think he has been making a pretty good job of it.There was plenty of evidence of skilful holding and link up play on Sunday,with some deft flicks and penetrating balls. Kitson it was who put Tom Soares through to draw the penalty for our first goal.

When he was subbed he was definitely less than pleased,but I saw nothing more than disappointment in his face as he left the pitch for the bench.As for blanking the manager,and not acknowledging his replacement,as somehave alleged,close study of the Sky coverage reveals Tony Pulis deeply involved in giving last moment instructions to Ricardo Fuller!!

Let's get behind the man,it makes sense.

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