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Monday, August 18, 2008

What's This All About?

I don't know much about betting but I was incensed and puzzled by the strap line (below) at the bottom of a Daily Mail Sports page today.

+++After Stoke's opening day defeat at Bolton, bookies Paddy Power have already paid out on bets that they would be relegated this season+++

From Google....

Paddy Power Pays Out On Stoke

You may have heard over the weekend that we are paying out on Stoke City for relegation this season.

Even though we’re only one game into the season the favourites for the drop didn’t exactly inspire much confidence, shipping three goals to one of The Prem’s lesser lights Bolton.

Admittedly one of Bolton’s goals was an outrageous fluke but what do you reckon? Even though every pundit and every football fan in every pub up and down the country have tipped Stoke for the drop, have we got it right or will Paddy be eating humble pie by the end of the season?

Of course, some people seem to have been particularly upset by our move. But then not everyone likes to have a bit of fun with their football. Perhaps they’re not all aware of our Silver Lining offer…

To ease the pain of Potters fans Paddy Power are offering Stoke season ticket holders a no-strings attached FREE £50 bet."

Well fancy that! It's all about publicity for PP....great advertising you might say, but will the firm's gamble pay off amongst the Stokie ST betting fraternity.... tempted by the Silver Lining or not?

My silver lining...Stoke to stay up!!

PS It would appear that as a Stoke season ticket holder you can open an account,bet your £50 on anything you like,take your winnings(if..any!),and close the account.Surely there must be a catch somewhere.

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