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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just Been Clearing The Attic Out!! Disaster....

Amazing what you find you stored away.....why did I save it? A very good question.The much missed Green 'Un ( Sentinel any plans to bring it back for the Prem??)September 26th 1998 had the front page headline you can see ...

Almost 10 years on you pick up the Sentinel and some doomster is predicting disaster for the coming season.Let's put things in perspective.

Perhaps these people weren't around back then when we were experiencing the real thing !!Who is that striker in the picture? None other than Bermudan Kyle Lightbourne...not exactly a prolific scorer,much mocked,but that day Man of the Match....but he didn't score !! Always threatened to but he seldom did.(A Chris Kamara acquisition, £500,000 if I remember correctly...its a good job our Tone is better at spotting the right man at the right price to do the job).

And we were in the old Division 2,albeit at that time top of the table - with 24 points in the bag from 10 games...We had some good players but they were about to leave...Thorne,Kavanagh, Siggurdson...Today we have good players coming in....believe and be patient...it will happen and soon.

Oops...nearly forgot....if we're talking real disasters...both the Vale and Crewe were above us in DIV 1 !!

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