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Monday, May 05, 2008

Daily Mirror.....

It's worth noting that as far as I can see, the Mirror jounalist is the only one to really focus on the first seriously ill judged fans incursion onto the pitch (see stoke 0-0 Leicester) ....suggesting that there might be repercussions for Stoke.
The whole tone of his report was disparaging.

What Mr. Nixon seems to have overlooked(or not seen the need to mention)was that (a) there were no stoppages - certainly not 4 minutes worth - in the second half (b) in any case at least 3 minutes of that had been played- how do we know?As the few fans were cleared from the pitch those of us in the centre of The Seddon Stand saw Delap ask ref Mike Dean (who had a splendid match throughout,showed excellent understanding of this crowd exhuberance,and considerable commonsense in handling it - commonsense singularly lacking in Mr.Nixon's piece)how long,Dean clearly mouthed 1 minute (which he duly played ).
In none of the reportage elsewhere has Manager Holloway expressed anything more than disappointment with his own team's inconsistency which he felt has cost them their place in the Championship.

Alan Nixon's efforts to rain on our parade are an unfortunate journalistic exercise in negativity(" the whole match a shambolic non event"...etc) and in complete contrast to the superb generosity of the reportage elsewhere.

Go....Arrrrn Stoke!

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