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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Slip Slidin' Away......Out Of The Spotlight! It Might Suit Us.

So WBA run another version of their late show,trailing Blackpool for 50 minutes,then hitting 3 goals to win in the last 10 minutes.Not quite as late as against Colchester,but just as effective.

West Brom now head the table,a point in front of us still with a game in hand.Without the distraction of the FA Cup and on the back of some good form in the league,you have to think that they will now bag one of the automatic promotion spots.

Stoke have not really been performing, as we know they can,I think since they attracted greater media attention just a few weeks back.Remember the papers and TV were full of Liam Lawrence,the poison chalice that is Manager of the Month,and so forth.

Although I would much rather we had stayed out in front,I have a hunch that being in the position we are now might relieve a bit of the pressure,ease the nerves,and with that the results we need might follow.

There were real signs in the second half on Monday night that the goals we are so desparately missing might begin to flow again.Here's hoping!

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