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Monday, February 25, 2008

Today's Papers!...(And Liam Lawrence)

Following on from ITV's Championship highlights yesterday,which carried an excellent item on Liam Lawrence (family man as well as footballer!)it didn't matter which paper you picked up today the reporting of Stoke's match was pretty much the same in its focus....Liam has been here before red and white striped shirts,good team,great team spirit, and he hopes the outcome will be the same....Stoke reaching the Premiership as Sunderland did 3 years ago!(So do we.)

The overall impression, certainly from the TV footage,was of a sensible young man with his feet very much on the ground,not getting carried away by any hype (now that the journo's have rediscovered Stoke)and a pretty good sense of humour ( was it Ronaldo he said he had to chase down the tunnel to get a shirt and autograph?).

He's clearly hoping that the new Republic of Ireland coach will notice his form.It was good of The Sun this morning to provide Trapetoni with a little map showing exactly where Stoke is....should be handy,but not just for him!

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