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2016 - 2017

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not Counting All The Chickens....But...!!

Stoke are clearly making every effort to bring in the additional players they will need to sustain a promotion challenge.We know Danny Pugh's move from Preston has been finalised,at a fee of £500,000.

Leon Cort to Stoke from Crystal Palace(if the Beeb's commentator's info was accurate !)is a done deal at around £1m,although so far there doesn't seem to have been confirmation elsewhere,or perhaps we've missed something somewhere.

In talks with Andy Griffin,too, to bring him back from the nightmare Derby move he should never have made.

Quite the biggest and the most significant development so far though is that Stoke are in negotiations with Man.U with regard to a permanent move for Ryan Shawcross.Pull that one off and it will be Xmas all over again.Good luck to all concerned...and everything crossed!

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