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Thursday, November 22, 2007

(Ex?)Goalkeeper's Revenge!!!!England Blow It! England 2 Croatia 3

So we don't make it to the Euro Championships afterall, despite Israel and Andorra's mighty efforts on our behalf against Russia.

To me it is a mystery why Steve McClaren decided to include a rookie keeper in a match of this importance.
We know Robinson had made his share of mistakes....but...!Carson in only his second game for his country was not favoured by the weather and underfoot conditions.With the Wembley pitch muddy and showing water in places,the rain tippling down, you somehow knew that Croatia would shoot on sight to test the new keeper out.Sure enough their first shot on target produced the visitors first goal.Fair enough a firm shot,bouncing awkwardly just in front the keeper...not ideal!ButCarson was poorly positioned certainly not square on to the ball,which duly struck his arm and carried on up into the net.

It would be wrong to blame him for the other two goals.Croatia turned our defence inside out for their second goal,and the third was a fine shot from ouside the box across the keeper for the winner, after England had managed to get back into the match at 2-2.Indeed at 1 - 2 Carson made a brilliant reflex save from close in.

Each time the TV cameras found Robinson his face gave nothing away.....but you had to wonder what he might have been thinking...!!

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