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Friday, September 07, 2007

Loan Transfers Into Stoke City

There has been some criticism this week that Stoke have not finalised any loan deals.Apparently League rules stipulate that one week should elapse after the transfer deadline day before clubs can begin to make loan arrangements.Players such as Salif Diao who are free agents can sign at any time however.

Stoke have been linked with a 23 years old Sheffield Wednesday midfielder,and of course there is still Salif himself,who ,if he is bothered about playing at all,still seems to be waiting to see if any offer comes along which represents an improvement on the one that Stoke tabled (which his agent described as fair....as time has passed since that statement I have wondered exactly which definition of fair he might have had in mind!)

Next week there will almost certainly be some activity,with more hopefully in the weeks that follow!!!!

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