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Monday, July 30, 2007

Stoke City FC Manager Tony Pulis' Magical Pre-season Mystery Tour Continues

We have had an inkling for a couple of months that something was afoot with regard to Stoke midfielder Darel Russell,talk of buying property elsewhere and so forth.The online edition of The Times newspaper last night went with rumours that Darel was rejoining Norwich City at a fee of £600,000.

Sure enough today Darel left Stoke for his original club,although there seems to be no definitive statement on the transfer fee involved to date.

An entirely personal view is that this represents good business for 'The Potters'.Darel has served the club well for the last four years, but his limitations were often apparent.Through non-stop effort and his all action approach he often got himself into very promising positions without actually being able to capitalise on them.Midfield creativity to date has not been his strong point.

This week looks likely to see further players coming and going as Tony's 'Magic Roundabout' (dare I say) spins!

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