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2016 - 2017

Monday, January 22, 2007

Disappointing...But Not Disastrous

Stoke failed to capitalise on a healthy 2-0 halftime lead.After outplaying highly placed Preston North End,they failed to take 3 points or even, in the end, salvage one.

Stoke clearly impressed Preston fans, but then faded to concede defeat albeit to a last minute goal.

To listen to some Stoke fans the end of the season,if not the world, is nigh.As things stand it is not all bad news.The club are still only a whisker from the play off places.Griffin and Matteo will make major positive contributions.We can be confident that other quality imports will arrive before the transfer deadline given just a little luck.

Positive moves would include giving Rooney more opportunities up front rather than persist with Pericard,and bringing in another goalkeeper to put some pressure on Simonsen.

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