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2016 - 2017

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It Feels Really Good.......Enjoy It !!

What a difference a few weeks makes! Most of the negativity seems to have evaporated, hopefully not just for the time being.

Its great to hear people not only agreeing with one another but also getting excited as a matchday approaches. The Radio Stoke phone-ins are a pleasure to listen to again...at one point I felt like not bothering to listen at all.

The Oatcake messageboard is a real treat again.....brilliant, special humour ( which is what I have always associated with the board !!) from lots of posters....people getting behind the team rather than having a pop at each other.

Add to all that the manager goes out and lands another potentially excellent short term signing in Patrick Berger from Villa. So much to talk about at the pub before the match ....

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