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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Goallie Needed at Stoke City FC

Manager Tony Pulis is clearly not going to let anyone rest on their laurels. His earlier comments about necessary change suggested that it might be journeymen players he would be seeking to move on.

The current N0.1 goalkeeper Steve Simonsen has had some impressive games, often making sure that points earned by the team were kept in the bag with reaction saves.However there have been times when he has appeared less than convincing, particularly on crosses.

Whilst not mentioning the keeper by name Pulis described Southampton's goal on Saturday as 'soft', referred to 'individual mistakes' as costing, and expressed disappointment at 'not keeping a clean sheet.When asked to comment on a good save that had been made by the keeper, he didn't concur.

So we perhaps shouldn't be surprised by what appeared in the 'Evening Sentinel' last night

'Stoke City are stepping up their search for a second goalkeeper to join Steve Simonsen at the Britannia Stadium.'

"We have been looking for another keeper for some while," said Pulis, "it's not something that we've been sweeping under the carpet.But there's no doubt that competition is the best way to keep people in good form and not fall into the trap of drifting down easy street."

"You need competition for all positions, but goalkeeper is a particularly crucial area because if there is a mistake there, nine times out of 10 it's a goal, often a winning goal."

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